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Стандартный функционал в OpenCart имеет много ненужных действий, которые покупатель должен сделать, чтобы сделать свой заказ. Все эти шаги теряют драгоценное время покупателя, и в результате не все покупатели завершают полный цикл действий, необходимых для заказа товара, и оставляют свои заказы на полпути. Для решения этой проблемы разработан модуль «Smart Checkout» от команды разработчиков «OCdevWizard». Модуль быстро работает и отображается во всплывающем окне, имеет большие возможности в настройках. Чтобы вызвать модуль достаточно, нажать специальную кнопку, и всего пару кликов, и клиент может сделать свой заказ, для этого нет необходимости переходить на другие страницы интернет-магазина. Модуль имеет стильный внешний вид и достаточно легкий для понимания интерфейса и для клиента.

⍟ What’s “Smart Checkout”? ⍟
…Standard functional of making order in the engine OpenCart has many unnecessary actions that the buyer has to do to make its order. All these steps waste the buyer’s precious time, and as a result, not all buyers complete the full cycle of actions required to order the item and left their orders on halfway. To solve this problem developed “Smart Checkout” module from the development team “OCdevWizard”. The module is displayed in the pop-up window, it works fast and has big opportunities in settings. To call the module is enough to press a special button, and just a couple of clicks and the customer can make its order, for this it is not necessary to navigate to other pages of online store. The module itself has a stylish look and enough easy for understanding interface to the customer. This module will be a good solution for those online stores that wish to increase the conversion of sales of their products.
…The team of the developers “OCdevWizard” offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module “Smart Checkout” just now and estimate all its benefits.

⍟ “Smart Checkout” Features ⍟
✯ Popup view.
✯ Ajax processing.
✯ Creating real order.
✯ Receive notifications by email: Default system letter | Your own HTML template.
✯ Multi language support.
✯ Select with customer groups should be work module.
✯ Apply Voucher, Coupon, Reward points.
✯ Ajax price, discount & totals calculating.
✯ Caching.
✯ Unlimited fields to order form.
✯ Individual validation rules for fields.
✯ Individual css id & css class for fields.
✯ Three types of fields position: left (50% width), center (100% width), right (50% width).
✯ Individual success text after checkout.
✯ Mask for phone field.
✯ Order prefix.
✯ Select payment methods to show.
✯ Select shipping methods to show.
✯ Select options to show.
✯ Select checkout Terms to show.
✯ Customize background overlay for module.
✯ Support Google Analytics (ecommerce, events).
✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.
✯ Responsive (mobile friendly) by Bootstrap.
✯ Set order status after checkout.
✯ Installation by one click.
✯ Error input highlight.
✯ Sortable fields.
✯ Give discount after checkout.
✯ try this module and see other futures…

⍟ Installation, System requirements, Notice ⍟
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⍟ Support Information ⍟
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⍟ Terms & Conditions ⍟
I highly recommend you to read this document before purchasing.

⍟ FAQ ⍟
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